General Terms & Conditions of Entry

1. Making an entry shall consttute acceptance of these terms and conditons.
2. The welfare of the horse is paramount.
3. Unless otherwise stated all events at Chilham Park are run under Britsh Eventng rules.

Disclaimer of Liability

The organisers and Chilham Castle Estate do not hold themselves responsible for anything that may happen to spectators, compettors, their property, servants, horses etc. in connecton with or arising out of the event. It is a conditon of entry that each entrant shall agree to indemnify the promoters against any legal acton arising from any such incident.

Health & Safety

The Organiser of this event has taken reasonable precautons to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be efectve, everyone must take all reasonable precautons to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructons of the Organiser and all the ofcials and stewards.


4. All horses must be 4 years or over on the date of the competton.
5. Compettors must be 12 years or over on the date of the competton; there is no lower age limit for 50cm classes. Compettors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian.
6. Horses may only compete in a maximum of two classes on any one day. The two classes must be at consecutve height classes. No horse may compete twice in the same class other than in clear-round classes.
7. Stallions must be clearly identfed on the entry and, if accepted, must wear stallion discs at all tmes when on the showground.
8. Compettors eliminated from the competton may contnue at the discreton of the Organiser. It is the responsibility of eliminated compettors to get permission to contnue via the Secretary.


9. Entries must be complete, made by individuals over the age of 18 and be accompanied by full payment.
10. Entries will only accepted from or on behalf of those not indebted to Chilham Park. Any monies received from an indebted person will be frst of-set again any existng debts.
11. Entries received afer the late-entry-date will each be subject to a £5 per entry surcharge.
12. Where a rider is competng multple horses, a priority order must be shown. (See rule 14.)
13. A combinaton may enter a class “hors-concours” if they do not meet any specifed eligibility criteria for a class. This must be declared at the tme that the entry is made.

Reservaton of Rights

The organisers reserve the right to:
a) cancel the event,
b) divide any class,
c) alter advertsed tmes,
d) refuse any entry,
e) eject any individual from the showground.

Timetable & Ballotng

14.Entries will remain open untl the ballot date. Entries will only be accepted afer ballot date if space permits and strictly in the order received.
15.Should classes be oversubscribed on the ballot date
a) riders with three or more horses will have only two horses accepted. b) unpaid and incomplete entries will be rejected
16.Should classes stll be oversubscribed the organiser will give priority to
a) compettors or owners of horses who have volunteered at Chilham events in the previous 12 months. b) those entries that have made using the Chilham Park online booking system.

Withdrawals, Changes, Cancellaton & Refunds

17.Notfcaton of withdrawals and changes must be notfed in writng.
18.Changes to an accepted entry are subject to a) a£5change-administratonfee,and b) approval by the organiser.
19.Entry fees will refunded, minus a £10 per entry refund-administraton fee, where
a) Writen notfcaton is received before ballot date, or
b) Writen notfcaton and a veterinary or doctors certfcate is received no later than 4 days before the
start of the event, or
c) The event being cancelled.
20.Balloted entries will be refunded in full (no administraton fee).
21. Other fees (e.g. stabling) paid to Chilham Park will only be refunded where writen notfcaton of withdrawal is received on or before the ballot date. Chilham Park are not responsible for fees paid to 3rd partes.


22. Compettors must declare to the secretary their intenton to compete upon arrival at the showground.
23. Compettors travelling on their own must inform the secretary upon arrival on the showground.
24. Any outstanding fees, including any start fee, must be paid to the secretary as cash at the point of declaraton before you will be issued with your bib numbers.
25. A compettor will be considered as having withdrawn if they fail to declare their intenton to compete to the secretary 20 minutes before their allocated start tme.
In the event that a compettor is delayed by unforeseen circumstances on their journey to the event they must contact the secretary on an advertsed “on the day” contact number for the event at least 20 minutes before their allocated start tme.


26. The Judges and Organiser decisions are fnal.
27. Objectons must
a) bemadeinwritngtotheeventsecretary,
b) within 20 minutes of the incident occurring,
c) be accompanied by a cash deposit of £10. The deposit will be refunded only if objecton is upheld.


28. Abuse of a horse will result in eliminaton and the compettor being asked to leave the showground. Examples of abuse include, but are not limited to misuse of the whip and spur; riding an exhausted, lame or injured horse or the excessive pressing of a tred horse; striking or inappropriate handling of a horse.
29. Outside assistance, whether solicited or not, is prohibited and will result in eliminaton.
30. No mucking out of trailers or horseboxes in the car parks. A tdy-up fee of £25 may be levied.
31. No liter to be lef. A tdy-up fee of £10 may be levied.
32. Horses must not be lef unatended when ted outside of lorries/trailers. Horses must be supervised at all tmes by an individual at least 18 years old.
33. Horses must WALK when moving around the showground and keep to the marked horse-walks. Proper warm up areas will be designated.
34. No lunging on any part of the showground without the expressed prior permission of the organiser.
35. Non-competng or companion horses must not be brought on showground without the expressed prior permission of the organiser.
Where permission is given such horses may only be walked in hand or ridden at walk by the declared rider. Under no circumstances should non-competng horses enter a designated competton area or a designated jumping warm-up area.

Spectators & Visitors

36. Well behaved dogs are welcome at Chilham Park but must be kept on a short lead at all tmes whilst on Chilham Castle Estate grounds and under the direct control of a responsible and capable adult. Please clean up afer your dog – a tdy up fee of £25 may be levied if we have to do it.
37. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all tmes by a parent or guardian.
38. Vehicles must be parked in the designated areas and in accordance with any directons given by Chilham Estate team. Visitors with special access needs should discuss these with the organiser at the earliest opportunity.
39. Only ofcial vehicles are permited on the cross-country course and on other areas of the estate. 4X4, ATV (Quad-bikes) and Moto-Cross bikes are prohibited unless specifcally authorised by the organiser.


40. All compettors in all classes will be required to wear a number bib (tabbard) at all tmes when mounted. You will be issued with number inserts when you declare to the secretary your intenton to compete.
41. Protectve headgear with a fastened chin-strap must be worn at all tmes when mounted. Chilham Park strongly recommends that hats conforming to the current Britsh Eventng standards are worn.
42. Body protectors must be worn whilst warming-up or competng in any phase of competton that involving fxed obstacles (including event challenge classes) and recommends that they be worn for any phase of competton involving jumping of any obstacle. Chilham Park strongly recommends that body protectors conforming to the current Britsh Eventng standards are worn.
43. Any compettor choosing to wear an “exo body cage” must declare this to the secretary upon arrival as well as to the showjumping steward and/or cross-country starter prior to commencing their jumping rounds.
44. Chilham Park strongly advise the wearing of a medical armband.
45. No receiving, recording, transmitng or monitoring device maybe used by a compettor during any phase of a competton. Headcam and other body-worn cameras are prohibited. Stopwatches are permited.


46. Any compettor that incurs a fall, however minor, from a horse or pony whilst on the showground may not contnue to the next phase of competton untl they have been checked by the medical team.
In the event of a fall occur in the warm-up for a phase the compettor is not permited to compete in that phase untl checked by the medical team. Where a fall occurs within a phase, the compettor may contnue at their discreton unless overruled by the medical team or judge for that phase.
47. Any compettor that incurs a fall on the fnal phase of the competton are strongly advised to be checked by the onsite medical team before they leave the showground.
48. It is highly advised that any compettor that incurs any fall from a horse seeks an evaluaton from their GP or local A&E department within 24 hours of the incident occurring.